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AKB48 Ma Chia-Ling announced the theme song of the Taiwan-Japan joint production 「Mellow Love」

It has been announced that AKB48 Ma Chia-Ling (Cool Japan TV Group Management) will play the lead role in 「Mellow Love」, a surfing-themed international drama set in Hyuga City, Miyazaki Prefecture. It has been selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for its 'Regional Information Dissemination Using Video Content' project.

Professional surfing contestant and model, Kyouyu Nishiguchi, is the male lead. A music video featuring the drama's theme song, sung by Ma Chia-Ling, has also been released on YouTube. The lyrics were written by popular producer Ochima Sato, composed by Akamine Shunji and directed by Nagayama Yusuke. The lyrics are interspersed with popular spots in Hyuga City, where international surfing competitions are held, and the video to accompany the lyrics shows the beautiful natural scenery of Hyuga City and Ma Chia-Ling’s first attempt at surfing.

After the release of the music video, comments from various countries in different languages were received, including "I want to go to Hyuga City after watching this", "I was healed by the voice, beautiful lyrics and melody", and "The surfing scene of Ma Chia-Ling is so precious". The drama will be broadcast on 20th February in Japan, and will be followed by a live performance on 20th February. The drama will be broadcast on Taiwan Sanli TV on 20th June.

Ma Chia-Ling's comment

「This is the story of a girl who is tired of the fast-paced life in Tokyo and subsequently falls in love in Hyuga, Miyazaki Prefecture. During the shoot, we shot from morning to night. But every day was so enjoyable and fulfilling that I forgot how tired I was. I really enjoyed getting to know my co-stars, the filming team and the people of Hyuga City. The story is as lovely as a love manga. Just like the main character whose name is Xiao Ling, I unknowingly fell in love with this beautiful place and also the gentleness of the people. I also fell in love with surfing. The memories of this shoot and the beautiful scenery of Hyuga City are my treasures. I hope that through this film, we can spread the charm of this Relax Surfing Town Hyuga to more people.」

Mellow Love 〜我喜歡你〜 / 馬嘉伶 Ma Chia-Ling


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