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AKB48 Yurina Gyoten appears in the magazines "FLASH" and "Platinum FLASH"

AKB48 Gyoten Yurina, a member of CJTV group DRELLA Artist Agency, will appear in the February 27, 2023 issue of "Platinum FLASH" and the February 28 issue of "FLASH".

AKB48 Yurina Gyoten: "I will continue to distribute idols" even if she is chosen as one of the "100 most beautiful faces in the world

AKB48 Yurina Gyoten ranked 36th among the "Most Beautiful Faces" and is aware of the world: "I want to be a presence that increases the number of overseas fans.

AKB48's Yurina Gyoten unleashes her stunning, world-renowned visuals! Appearance in "FLASH

AKB48 Yurina Gyoten, Japanese No. 2


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