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Rodoku Geki「海辺の街でもう一度、あの日の彼女に会えたなら」Officially Launched

《Noon Sesson》〜Diary〜 《Evening Session》〜Hanabi〜 It will be held from 19th - 20th Feb 2022, at Shinjuku Alta Key Studio.

Gate ticket lottery reception will start on December 25th at 12pm.

Cast:大西桃香(AKB48)、長谷川玲奈、小坂井祐莉絵、馬嘉伶 Ma Chia-Ling(AKB48) Composed and performed by ARUHI Violin:小泉奈美 Direction & Screenplay:村田こけし Planning & Production:アリゲーター Producer : 臼井麻弥子 Production Assistance:Cool Japan TV、湘南藤沢フィルムコミッション、国立音楽院


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