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Isetan Shinjuku "Hatsune Miku x ISETAN" Commemorative Merchandise by Honoka Yoshifuku

Hatsune Miku x ISETAN - Happy 16th Celebration in ISETAN ! ~will be held from March 7 (Tue.) to 12 (Sun.), 2023.

CJTV Group's DRELLA-affiliated art director Yoshifuku Honoka will draw commemorative goods for the first collaboration event that combines the resources of Isetan Mitsukoshi and "Hatsune Miku," a virtual singer who celebrates her 16th anniversary this year and has fans around the world as a pop culture phenomenon from Japan. The goods are available at the online shop here.

Click here to visit the online store.

A jacket-style design inspired by Hatsune Miku's musicality

Isetan buyer's recommendation!

"The pop and retro CD jacket-style designs are sure to appeal to all generations, and the T-shirts, tote bags, acrylic panels, and other goods that express Hatsune Miku's musicality are all casual and fashionable.

DRELLA Artist Agency Official Website Honoka Yoshifuku Instagram


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