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Honoka Yoshifuku speaks at the Shibuya Ideas Conference "SIW 2022"

Shibuya Future Design Inc. (President: Hideki Koizumi, hereinafter "Shibuya Future Design") will hold the Shibuya Ideas Conference "SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA 2022" (hereinafter "SIW") from November 8 (Tue.) to 13 (Sun.), 2010, with conferences and hands-on programs. This year's SIW, now in its fifth year, will feature the themes "Culture Design," "Beyond Digital," and "Women Leading" during the three days of the conference to not only expand knowledge with each partner company, but also to create opportunities that will lead to opportunities On November 8, the first day of the conference, the theme will be "Culture Design," and KDDI Corporation will be our partner for 8 programs. In an age when various cultural activities are updated with technology and new values, evolving and permeating as a new culture, what role can cities and towns play? We will discuss the possibilities in Shibuya, a town that has been the source of various innovations from the streets.

November 8 (Tue.)

Venue: Shibuya Stream Hall / Online streaming available

Conference DAY1 「Culture Design」

Click here to apply for free admission at the venue.

Click here to apply for online viewing (free of charge). ■ 13:00 - 13:50

Culture Design

As the shift to the Web3 era continues, participants will discuss how culture will emerge and develop, and what role the city of Shibuya can play in this shift.

Honoka Yoshifuku

(Illustrator and designer of DRELLA)

Kazuhiko Chuma

( KDDI Corporation, Deputy General Manager of Business Creation Division, Head of Web3 Business Promotion Office, and Head of LX Strategy Department )

Jungo Kanayama

(SIW Executive Producer)


Date: Tuesday, November 8 - Sunday, November 13, 2022

Admission: Free

Producer: Jungo Kanayama (Representative Director, Shibuya City Tourism Association) / Shinko Osada (Director and Secretary General, Shibuya Future Design Inc.)

Organizer: Future Design Shibuya General Incorporated Association

Co-organized by: Shibuya Ward

Supported by: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Shibuya Ward Federation of Shopping Associations, Shibuya Ward Tourism Association

Conference Special Partner: The Nippon Foundation

Conference Special Partners: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation/ KDDI Corporation

Conference Partners: Tokyu Corporation/ Tokyu Land Corporation/ MIXI Corporation/ Goldwind Corporation/ Salesforce Japan K.K./ Aoyama Trading Corporation/ Asahi Breweries, Ltd/ Sumadori Corporation/ e-Design Insurance Company/ DAZN Japan Kao Corporation/ Kose Corporation/ Koala Sleep Japan K.K./ Kokumin Mutual Insurance coop (National Federation of Workers' Mutual Insurance Co-operative Associations)/ Ajinomoto Co. (ChargeSpot)/ Mars Japan Limited (BE-KIND)/ mederi K.K./

Shibuya Ideas Conference Partners: Nexuno Corporation/ Dai Nippon Printing/ Adobe Corporation/ A&A Corporation/ Hakuen Corporation/ Kaijirushi Corporation/ Kyoto City/ Panasonic Corporation Electric Works Company/ Plus W Corporation/ Shibuya Girls International School/ STU Corporation/ Tokyu Construction Ltd/ Nompi Corporation

Partner: AXIS CONSULTING K.K./ Fellows Corporation/ Geekpictures Inc./ JIBUN HAUS.K./ Mizuho Bank, Ltd/ Shibuya Ame/ Shibuya Television Corporation/ SDGs Association (Tokyo Junior Chamber of Commerce) / Twitch Japan, LLC

Media Partners: BUSSINESS INSIDER / OPENERS / Qetic Inc. / Shibuya Keizai Shimbun / Shibuya Radio / J-WAVE / PR TIMES / FINE PLAY / MASHING UP / Lifehacker

Collaborative events: Shibuya Art Festival/ Tokyo Snow Festival/ TGC teen/ Kita Shibu RUN/ Farm beta/ MASHING UP Conference

Planning and production: SOCIAL INNOVATION WEEK SHIBUYA Executive Committee

Official website:


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