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Our CMO Shen Lim speaks at " Japan's Near Future as a Tourism Resource Nation"

Three years have passed since the outbreak of the Covid-19, and our lives and economy are becoming increasingly severe. Amidst a mountain of global-scale challenges and issues, we assume that the year 2023 has renewed everyone's spirit to "bounce back in the Year of the Rabbit" and make it a year of "leaps and bounds.

A clear sign that the tide is turning can be seen in the resurgence of inbound tourism since last fall, and expectations are rising for the tourism industry to play a leading role in supporting the Japanese economy. However, the search for sustainable tourism has begun in many parts of the country, as "there is no future for the tourism industry if it relies on tourists visiting Japan".

Therefore, the 65th regular meeting will be held on the above theme, inviting as guests Mr. Tomonori Sudo, Professor of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Mr. Leon Shen Lim, a Malaysian entrepreneur from the same university, and Mr. Ryutai Kokubo, an entrepreneur who founded his own company within Waseda University. The discussion will be held in a discussion format and will be coordinated by Mr. Masayuki Nakanishi, President of School Management Consultants, Inc. What is sustainable tourism in the new era of globalization, and how to discover and foster tourism innovators who can play an active role in the world?


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